Polarship Experience summer and autumn 2023

Join the famous polar ship «Polarstar» to the wonderful polar museum at Brandal.

Ishavsmuseet, 150 years of polar history and hunting in polar areas. Small polar ships fight against strong forces in drift ice. Many were shipwrecked, and many men never returned.

There were ships made of wood, with a crew made of iron.

Now you can experience a sightseeing with the famous polar ship «Polarstar» built in 1948 for hunting and expeditions in arctic areas. «Polarstar» has been saved from scrapping twice, and is today protected by the Norwegian authorities

The boat trip goes to Brandal and the Arctic Polar Museum, where you will hear dramatic stories about the everyday heroes who fought against drift ice, hunting in the solitude of Greenland and Svalbard, and those who started coal mining in Svalbard, almost at the North Pole. You will also hear about the great explorers, Amundsen and Nansen, and you can also go aboard another famous polar ship, «Aarvak», built in 1912, which today is Norway’s oldest surviving ship specially built for seal hunting. You will also hear about the adventurer Ragnar Thorseth who was the first Norwegian to stand at the North Pole, and the first and only one to have sailed around the world in a Viking ship, «Saga Siglar». The journey from Ålesund to Brandal and back takes 3.5 -4 hours. Price NOK 1235,- for boat trip, fish soup with bread and coffee, and guided tour at the museum. Maximum 50 people. Season 1 May to 30 October


ONLINE BOOKING: www.hopon.no/artic-polar-museum/